Italy at Junior eurovision (2014-2019)

Hi World! Today on my blog I will talk about my Conutry in Junior Eurovision: Italy. Italy debuted in 2014, the year with best results. In this post i’ll talk about the country since the debut to the withdraw in 2020.


A fantastic debut!! “Tu Primo grande amore” was a great song, jury and televote confirm it and Vincenzo Cantiello won with 159 points. Vincenzo is a great singer with a great voice and his song has beatiful lyrics and great music


The song is very enjoyable. The twins sang very well and they have two great voices. In my opinion 16th position with 34 points isn’t enough for this song, they deserved more


That’s great! This song is very joyful with a sweet mesage. Her voice is fantastic and the lyrics are great. For me 3rd place is vert deserved.


It’s a very good song. I love the lyrics and I enjoy the music. I think that her position (11th) isn’t deserved because her voice is particular.


A great duet that sing a good ballad. I like it, but isn’t my masterpiece because is too sweet; but it’s a bit magic, a thing that I like a lot.


This song isn’t my cup of tea but it has a storng message. Her voice is sweet and the song is enjoyable. The stanging was ok. She deserves More than her 7th.

Here we have the top 6 of our entry in this decade:

1)Tu Primo Grande Amore (2014)
2)Cara mamma (2016)
3)Scelgo (2017)
4)Viva (2015)
5)What is love (2018)
6)La voce della terra (2019)

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