Eurovision 2017: Big 5 + Ukraine

Hi people! Today we go back to my favourite Eurovision ever: the Eurovison 2017 in Kiev. In this article I write about Big 5 and the host country: Ukraine.


I like it!!! This is a great song with a great staging: the monkey was very funny. The text was particular thanks to some parts in Sanskritic and Ancient Greek. I think that his 6th position is ok.


Tres bien! Great lyrics for a beautiful voice in a great staging! Alma is beautiful and her 12th isn’t deserved: she’s underrated.

United Kingdom

Fantastic! I love this song. Her voice is sweet but powerful. The stanging was fantastic. She deserve more than her 15th.


I don’t mind this song. It remember me summer. It’s joyful and cheerful. This song isn’t my winner but it didn’t deserve last place with 5 points.


Not Bad!!! I think that Levina’s voice is great and she’s beautiful. Her song is good. She arrived 25th, she didn’t deserve it.


I love it!!! The song is a very strong rock song. The hard rock part is perfect and it’s the best part of the song. This song finish 24th, It’s cruelly underrated.

There is my top 6:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Ukraine
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Spain
  6. Germany

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