Who Is Alex??

Something about me

I’m Alex and I’m the only person behind this blog: all you can see it’s made by myself. I’m Italian. I speak Italian and English and I’m studing Spanish and German and I also know a little bit of French. I love music but my very passion is dance. I started dance when I was very young, so dance is part of me. My favourite color is light green.

My history with Eurovision

I discovered Eurovision in 2016 after Sanremo 2016. When I watched the 2016 edition I said: “oh wow! But why is Italy so underrated???”. After the disappointment about the bad result of Francesca Michelin I decide that I won’t watch Eurovision again. That’s the biggest lie in my life so far. But less than a year after I changed my idea: I watched the complete grand final of eurovision 2017 and after three songs (Israel, Poland and Belarus) I felt in love with it. After one of my favourite final of ever, I become a eurofans. Two month later, I discovered Junior eurovision, watching the 2016 edition and Mariam Mamadashvili’s victory on Internet. So I watched Jesc 2017 and I loved it as well despite the low raking of Italy. In the same Year I discovered Eurovision Young Dancers, but I miss the first of Eurovision choir. Starting from 2018 I am very fond of Eurovision, Junior Eurovision and the other correlated events. In 2019 I started, in October, to work to this blog. But the most emotional things was in 2020, when I was selected for the fan recap. This was fantastic, when i saw it I was very happy about it because I was really playing a part of Eurovision!!!

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