Interview with Nathan Cassidy

Hi People!!! And welcome back on my blog!!! Below you find my first 2021 article and it’s about a very nice and young (He’s only 19) singer, songwriter and Eurovision fan: Nathan Cassidy.

Question 1: When did you start to sing and songwriting and why?

“I started to write when I was 13 and I was learning how to play the guitar at the same time, I always sang but I only going to vocal lessons when I was 18 in 2020.”

Question 2: What music means for you?

“Music is everything for me, I’m always listening or playing music.”

Question 3: What’s your music style like?

“My music style is Indie/Pop/Folk/Acoustic like Ryan O’ Shaughnessy, Tom Leeb and Brad Heidi.”

Question 4: What’s your dreams, ambitions and worries about your future?

“My Dream is to win the Eurovision for Ireland with my original song, it always has been and always will be, and I have a great future always playing music and hopefully have a happy and safe family, I guess my worries for the future is how Covid-19 is affecting my family and friends mentally, physically and socially and another worry I have is not working hard enough when it comes to music and always making worth of my time and not having regrets.”

Question 5: About your songs: how the inspiration comes from? Which are the recurring topics in the songs?

“Good question but normally I write about I feel and I create melody’s that represents how I feel, I normally have the melody first than the lyrics. So the recurring topic just various of how I feel, So in 2020 was mainly about growth as I learned a lot and in 2019 was mainly love songs for my girlfriend who has a positive impact in my music. I wrote a lot of songs so it’s hard to pick a favorite but from all the songs that I released, my favorite is “As I get older” which I wrote in 2020 because lyrically I told my story about my fear of growing up. I love my song “As I get older”. “

Here we have one of his wonderful songs: “As I Get Older”… Enjoy it!!!

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