Eurovision 2021: news till 10th February

Hey people!!! In this week some countries have decided their songs, so I decided to make a littl recap of the songs confirmed so far.


“Karma” is one of my favourite songs of Festivali i Këngës, I was so happy when she won the festival. She’s been able to win at her second partecipation, congratulations! I also loved “Ora e jetës” and Nëse vdes“.


From France we have Barbara Pravi, singer that wrote the french song for Junior eurovision 2019 and 2020, that finihed 5th and 1st. Will this song get a similar results? We’ll discover that on May.


Eden Alene was riconfirmed for 2021 and this time the song is “Set me free“. This song is my favorite of the nine candidates for Rotterdam, so I’m very happy that this song won the national selection.


The Roop is the winner of all edition of Pabandom iš naujo! I really like the live and I find the coreography fantastic. Will they win eurovision Too? So far We know that they have over 2’000’000 views on Youtube.


This is my favourite song of the selections for Ukraine. This song it’s 4 minute long and the rules of Eurovision say that the songs must last not more than 3 minutes: so Go_A has to cut the song. I’m so curious to hear the final version.

In this week we will able to listen to the candidates from Spain and Denmark and we’ll know the title of the Croatian song. Stay tuned for news

But in the meantime… Answer this poll.

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