7 Fantastic Albanian Songs

Hi People!!! Today I wrote a special article for my Friend Serena because today is her birthday. Here we have some fantastic Albanian songs. A part of it is from Eurovision, Junior Eurovision And Festivali i Këngës.

Zemrën e lamë peng” – Olta Boka (Eurovision 2008)

This song comes from Eurovision 2008. This song reach the 17th position in the grand final. This Song is one of my favourite of these ediction and I think she deserved to finish in a higher position.

“Me Tana” – Elvana Gjata

This song is one of my favourite from Festivali i Këngës 2019, where it finished 2nd. Lots of Eurofans that this song have to win the festival and go to Eurovision, personally I think that this song at Eurovision wil get a high position.

Ktheju tokës” – Jonida Maliqi (Eurovision 2019)

This song represented Albania at Eurovision 2019 and arrive 17th in the grand final. I really like this song and In my opinion is one of the best entries for Albania at Eurovision.

ROMEO & JULIET – Mozzik and Loredana

Mozzik is one of my favourite Albanian rapper, in this song, he’s with Loredana, a Swiss rapper. This song come from the history of Romeo and Giulietta: 2 Italian guys living in Verona, in northen Italy.

Mika ime fëmijëri – Isea Çili (Junior Eurovision 2019)

This song is one of my favourite of Junior Eurovision 2019 in Gliwice. This song came 17th, one of the lowest results for Albania.

World – Lindita (Eurovision 2017)

This is Another song from Eurovision. This time we go back to Eurovision 2017: This song arrive 14th in the first semi final. In my opinion this song deserved the final.

Vietato Morire – Ermal Meta

Ermal Meta taked part to Eurovision 2018 for Italy, but he’s also Albanian. With this Song he taked part to Sanremo 2017, where finishe in 3rd place.

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