Eurovision 2021: news until 22nd February

Hi and welcome back on my blog! On Saturday there were 3 national finals and during the week 2 songs were released. So it’s time to make a little recap of the new songs of this week.


Like the previous year, Croatia decided to use the Festival Dora to choose their song for Eurovision. This year for Croatia we have Albina with her song “Tick Tock”. I like this song and I love the part in Croatian.

Czech Republic

The last year singer, Benny Cristo, is reconfirmed, and this time the song is “Omaga”. It’s similar to Kemama, but I like it a lot more that the last year entry.


Aksel, last year Finland’s representative hasn’t won the UMK 2021, so we won’t see him at Eurovision. The winner of UMK 2021 is the group “Blind Channel” with the song “Dark side”. This song is one of my favourite because I really like rock music.


This year I loved Melodi Gran Prix: there was lots of fantastic songs, but unfortunately, only a pair managed to reach the grand final. I don’t like the song of Tix a lot, I prefer Keiino and Emmy, but I really like the live perfomance.


Last Year Blas Canto’s Song was fantastic. This year Blas will sing “voy a quedarme”. This song is good, but I prefer “Universo”.

This week we will discover 5 new songs: the songs from San Marino, Ireland, Cyprus, Germany and Slovenia. I’m so exited to know these new songs. Which of these 5 songs I described above is your favourite?

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