Eurovision 2021: News until 28th February

Hi everyone. This week was a week of internal selection: we have some new songs. And with Sanremo and Melodifestivalen arriving, it’s time to take a look to these new songs.


“El diablo” it’s fantastic!!! It’s fantastic because I really love the dance vibes. This song, like fuego, contain some words in Spanish. Will this song get the same success or more?


I find the video of this song too long and I don’t like it at all, but the song is good but isn’t my cup of tea, but I’m exting to see the live at Eurovision: In my opinion could happen everything on the stage.


From Ireland Lesley Roy comes back, the singer selected for 2020. This year song is called “Maps”. I really like this song and I like “Maps” more than “The story of my life”.


I think that Ana Soklič has a very powerful voice and this song valorizes a lot her voice. This song is good but I prefer “Voda”. This isn’t the first time that at Eurovision 2 songs have the same title: it happened also in 2015 with 2 songs called “warrior” (From Malta and Georgia)

Unfortunately San Marino moved the date of releasing his song, so this time we have only 4 songs. In this week there’s Sanremo (I will post some articles about Italian National Final) and in the same night we will discover 4 songs: Italy, Portugal, Estonia and Denmark. On the 4th March we will discover also the songs form the Nederlands and Moldova. What do you think about these 4 songs?

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