Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: Night 2

Welcome back people!!! Yesterday started Sanremo and we dicovered the first 13 songs!! So it’s time to continue my special with the second part!!!

Tonight we will listen for the first time to this 13 singers:

  • Bugo
  • Fulminacci
  • La Rappresentante di Lista
  • Irama
  • Ermal Meta
  • Gaia
  • Lo Stato Sociale
  • Orietta Berti
  • Willie Peyote
  • Extraliscio feat. Davide Toffolo
  • Gio Evan
  • Malika Ayane
  • Random

Tonight we will also konw the other finalist of the category “Nuove proposte”, the 4 costants are:

  • Davide Shorty – “Regina”
  • Wrongonyou – “Lezioni di volo
  • Dellai – “Io sono Luca
  • Greta Zuccoli – “Ogni cosa sa di te

Of these four Acts my favourite is “Ogni cosa sa di te” singed by Greta Zuccoli, and I expect a bop from Gaia and Ermal Meta

My opinion about yesterday

It’s time to look at the songs of yesterday, theseare my votes:

  • Arisa: 9
  • Colpaesce e Dimartino: 6.5
  • Madame: 8
  • Francesca Michielin e Fedez: 8.5
  • Måneskin: 9
  • Aiello: 7
  • Coma_Cose: 8
  • Fasma: 8.5
  • Max Gazzè: 6
  • Noemi: 8
  • Ghemon: 7
  • Francesco Renga: 8
  • Annalisa: 10
Nuove proposte
  • Gaudiano: 9.5
  • Elena Faggi: 8.5
  • Avincola: 6
  • Folcast: 7.5

My favourite Annalisa is 1st in the chart of night 1, she also won OGAE Second Chance Contest in 2018. The last in my top, Colapesce e Dimartino, are in 9th position. Tonight this chart will totally change due to the new 13 songs.

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