Eurovision 2021: News until 5th March

Hey Europe!!! Yesterday was one of the busiest days in this month. In these 2 days 6 songs are released and tomorrow more 4 songs were confirmed for Eurovision. So let’s take a look to these new acts.


Here we have Montagine’s new song. She will represent Australia. This song is good, but I think “don’t break me” is better.


Hoovephonic are confimed again for Belgium, this time will represent Belgium with “The Wrong place”. I prefer this song to “Release me”, I think this song will arrive in the final.


This Year Moldova sends to Rotterdam Natalia Gordienko, she taked part to Eurovision 3 times: in 2006, in 2020 and in 2021, For the 2nd time she will sing alone.


Roxen represents again Romania with the song “Amnesia”. This song is a bit similar to “Alcohol You”. I this song is nice but I find it too calm, I think that “Alcohol You” is better


For Serbia we have Hurricane with the song “Loco loco”. I love this song and I think Hurricane’s song are fantastic. Like “hasta la vista” this song has parts in Spanish and English

The Nederlands

Jeangu Macrooy is another singer of 2020 edition confirmed for Eurovision 2021. This year will represent the host country with the song “Birth of a New Age”, a song that have some words in Sranan Tongo, a language from Suriname, another new language in Eurovision.

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