Eurovision 2021: News until 10th March

Hi Europe!!! In these 2 days we will listen to 5 new songs for Eurovision. Now we know 31 of the 40 songs (Armenia have announced that won’t take part this year). So let’s take a look at this 5 news songs.


Austria decided to confirm again Vicent Bueno that singed “Alive” last year. This year song have the same title of the slovenian song: “Amen”. I like it because I find the music fantastic, but the first part of the song is too calm.


Belarus decided to select a new group instead of VAL: Galasy ZMesta. They will sing “Ya Nauchu Tebya (I’ll Teach You)”, the first song in Russian that Belarus send to Eurovision.


Bulgaria have 6 fantastic candidates: “A little dramatic” is one of the best EP that I’ve listen to. My favourite was “The funeral song” and “Phantom pain”, but Victoria has seleced “Growing Up is Getting Old”


Stefania will represent Greece for the second time at Eurovision. In 2016 she represented the Nederlands at Junior Eurovision with the group Kisses. This time she will sing “Last dance”.


The Swiss singer is the same of last year: Gjon’s Tears. The song that he will sing is called “Tout l’Univers” and is in french like the previous year. I love the video of this song but I prefer “répondez-noi”.

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