Eurovision 2021: News until 14th March

Hi Europe!! Now it’s time for the final sprint! Everyday someone relaeses a new song! so it’ time to take a look at the new entries of these days!!


Iceland decided to send again Daði og Gagnamagnið, so this year there wasn’t the national final called Söngvakeppnin. Daði’s music style isn’t my cup of tea, but this song isn’t bad.


Samanta Tina is a fantastic singer: my favorite songs are still breathing and I got the power. This year she will sing “The Moon is Rising”, another fantastic song. The video is beautiful because there’s a lot of fantastic dancers .

North Macedonia

Vasil was select again for Eurovision, this time he will sing “here I stand”. The video is particular because in the beginning he talks about what he felt when the contest was cancelled in 2020.


The Polish representative is Rafał Brzozowski, last year he hosted the Junior Eurovision. In 2017 arrived second in the national selection for Eurovision but this year he managed to reach Rotterdam.


In Melodifestivalen, like last year, my favourite is Dotter, that arrived 4th, one point behind the Mamas (like the last year). The winner of this edition is Tusse with his song “voices”. I really like this song.

United Kingdom

Uk sends to Rotterdam last year singer: James Newman. This year song is “Embers”, very different from the past entries. Will this song get also a different position of the previous years?

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