Eurovision 2021: news until 19th March

Hi everyone!!! Some days ago the last 3 songs have been realeased!!! I’ve waited to post this article because I waited for some news from Belarus, because EBU has decided that the song “Ja nauču tebja (I’ll Teach You)” won’t represent Belarus at Eurovision. Waiting for the new Belarussian Song I’ll post this article about the new 3 songs.


Azerbaijan sends again Efendi. Last year was my favourite with “Cleopatra”, the song that she sang for her country. This time she will represent her country with “Mata Hari”. This song reminds me “Cleopatra”. I really like both.


Another artist from 2020 edition is Tornik’e Kipiani, that will represent Georgia with the song “You”. When I think to this song I immediatly think to the song of Vasil from 2020, that have the same name.


Malta sends Destiny, the winner of Junior Eurovision 2015. This isn’t the first time that a Junior Eurovision singer sings at Eurovision too (like Stefania) and Destiny ins’t the first winner of Junior eurovision that take Part to Eurovision: in 2014 Tolmačëvy sisters represented Russia, 8 years after their victory at Junior Eurovision. Will destiny beat Tolmačëvy sisters’ 7th place with the song “Je me casse”?

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