Focus on Artists: Måneskin from Italy

Hi everyone!!! Today I start some new articles where I write something about one the 39 artists selected for Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam (Armenia and Belarus have withdrawn during these months). I start from my Country:


Members4 (Damiano, Victoria, Thomas, Ethan)
First EPChosen” (2017)
First AlbumIl ballo della vita” (2018)
Famous Songs“Torna a casa” (2018)
“Morirò da re” (2018)
“l’Altra dimensione” (2019)
“Vent’anni” (2020)
“Zitti e Buoni” (2021) {text below, selected for Eurovision 2021}

This year for Italy there’s the rock group “Måneskin”: a Rock band born in 2016. Thire name means moonlight and comes form danish. They started singing in 2016, but their first EP was released in 2017. In the same year they took part to X factor Italia: in the Jury there was Manuel Agnelli (who duet with them during Sanremo 2021) and Fedez (2nd place at Sanremo Competition 2021). After Sanremo they released another album: “Teatro d’Ira vol. 1”. One of favourite Måneskin’s song is “Torna a casa”.

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