What a Crazy night!!!

Some days ago there was the grand final of Eurovision 2021. During the grand final lots of record has been broken so let’s take a look of them.

United Kingdom: absolute zero

For the first time since the new voting system (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 points from the televote and the same from the national jury) someone get 0 point from the televote and from the jury. This happened with James Newman, the English representative. Personally I think that this song didn’t deserve a nul points.

The no-point combo: when the televote become strict

This year 4 countries receive 0 points form the televote: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and The Nederlands. The last time that more than a country finish with points was in 2015 when Germany and Austria end 26th and 27th with 0 points. Personally I think that Jendrik deserved more points from the televote.

Italy: highest amount of point ever

For the second time in a row Italy have scored the highest amount of point in the grand final: the record of 334 points of 2017 was broken with the 472 in 2019 and in 2020 Måneskin won with 524. When will we break again this record???

Australia: first qualification failed

Since 2015 we have seen Australia in the Grand final and we have started to feel Australia as a European country. This year Montagine failed to qualify for the grand final. Now only Ukraine has the record that they have always managed to reach the final.

Italy: first winner born in the 21st century

Thomas Raggi, one of the member of Måneskin has born in the 21st century, in particoular on 18 gennaio 2001 so he’s the first winner born in the 21st century.

Moldova: Longest note ever

Natalia was a bit unlucky during her perfomanmce because her microfone fell down but this isn’t the most important thing of her perfomance: because she broke the record of the longest note in the competition: at the end of her song she sang a note that last more than 14 seconds, and now she has the record of the longest note in the competition. The previous record was the song of Malta 1992: “Little Child” singed by Mary Spiteri.

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