Thank you Raffaella!!

Today left us Raffaella Carrà, a woman that made the history of Italian TV. She passed away at the age of 78.

Raffaella wrote a lot of songs that are part of the history of the Italian music like “Rumore“, “A far l’amore comincia tu“, “Ballo ballo“, “Tuca tuca“, “Tanti auguri” and others. Some of these songs have been remastered or remixed, like “Forte” that became the soundtrack of the TV show “Forte Forte Forte” that she wrote like author.

Her last song was “Chi l’ha detto” that she published in 2018. It’s a crhistmas song and I like it a lot.

Raffaella wasn’t only a singer because she did lots of programmes like “Canzonissima“, “Pronto, Raffaella?” and “Carràmba! Che sorpresa” (with this programme Raffaella created the word “carrambata” that is also used in Italian to indicate when you have the surprise to meet someone).

Thanks to her Italy came back to Eurovision in 2011 when she was our spokerperson, she also commented the grand final of the same edition. She also hosted “Festival di Sanremo 2001”.

This is only a little part of what she did in Italy and in the world. She was a complete artist that left us lots of her art and so we will never forget her.

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