Focus on Artist: Efendi from Azerbaijan

NameSamirə Azər qızı Əfəndiyeva also know as Samira Efendi
Born17th April 1991
Some singles“Cleopatra” (2020)
Other Participantions at Eurovision She represented Azerbaijan in 2020

Samira Efendi has been very talented since she was young: when she was young she was in the philharmonic of Baku. In 2014 she took part at Böyük Səhnə, the national selection for Eurovision but she was eliminated before the final in the 3rd heat. In 2020 she was selected to represent her country at the Eurovision 2020 with the song “Cleopatra” and also in 2021 with the song “Mata Hari”.

2 thoughts on “Focus on Artist: Efendi from Azerbaijan

    1. Personally I think that Jury didn’t give her a lot of points because I believe that this year jury members and Eurofans prefer other genres, like folk and rock. By the way she’s a beautiful and very talented singer and that’s the reason of her big success.


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