Musical news: 21st of july

Måneskin success is getting bigger and bigger and Italians became crazy for Eurovision.

After their victory at Eurovision, Måneskin are getting more and more famous: their songs “I wanna be your slave” and “Zitti e Buoni” now have more than 100’000’000 streams!! They are also very high in the internationals charts.

In the meantime Italians became crazy for their Eurovision victory. In the hours after italian victory lots of italians social pages start to publish lots of meme about Måneskin.

In these weeks they have also announced a featuring with Go_A: I’m looking forward to the release date. This featuring is probably the result of the friendship of these 2 groups, starting during Eurovision. (As you can see in the video)

Stefania released “mucho calor”

After her participation at Eurovision (when she arrived 10th) Stefania have realesed a new single called “mucho calor”.

This song is fantastic, it can be a perfect summer hit.

Turkvision 2021: there’s some news!!!

After the success of the 2020 edition of Turkvision, there will be a 2021 edition.

We don’t know a lot about it: the contest will take palce in Turkistan, Kazakistan and 3 countries have confirmed their particpation so far: Romania, Kazakistan and the Nogais.

Jesc 2021: Ireland, North Macedonia and Portugal back but Belarus lost her record

However we know a lot more about Junior Eurovision 2021: it will be at “La Seine Musicale” in Paris and 11 countries have confirmed their partecipation: in these group we have 3 returns (Ireland, North Macedonia and Portugal) and Belarus have confirmed their withdrawn. So Belarus lost her record: Belarus taked part to all the first 18 editions of the competion and Italy also won’t take part this year.

We also know the name of the portuguese singer: Simão Oliveira. To know other names or to heard the first songs we have to wait until september. By the way, the four dutch candidates are already out.

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