Summer release 2021: part 1

Hi everyone! Today there’s the summer release: some songs realesed in summer from some artists that took part to Eurovision or national finals to Eurovision.

“Like you used to” by Daneliya Tulešova

Daneliya took part to Junior Eurovision in 2018: she represented Kazakhstan when her country debuted. She has just released her 12th single “Like you used to”, a romantic pop ballad.

A new Album for Hooverphonic

After Eurovision, Hooverphonic released a new album with 10 tracks including “the wrong place” thier song for Eurovision 2021. From the album my favourite song is “Belgium in the rain”.

“Brilleskille” by EMMY & Ole Hartz

Emmy and Ole took part to MGP 2021 and their songs (“Witch woods” and “Vi er norge”) were my favourites. This summer they have released “Brilleskille”, this is a very happy and sweet song and It’s suitable for summertime.

Manizha realeased “Держи Меня Земля”

Manizha’s new song is called “Держи Меня Земля” (Hold me mother Heart). This song is very long: 5 minutes. However, it’s a fantastic song because it’s very energetic.

“Mille” by Orietta Berti, Fedez and Achille Lauro

Here we have 3 singers from Sanremo 2021: Oreitta Berti (my favourite artist), Fedez (2nd place in the festival) and Achille Lauro (Interval act of all the shows). This song in Italy is very famous and it’s a summer hit and I really like this song.

Mata Hari but in Greek.

Have you ever tried to imagine Mata Hari in Greek? Josephine did it and she recordered the Greek version of the song. It sounds particular, but it’s fantastic.

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