Summer releases 2021: part 2

Welcome to the second part of the summer releases.

Netta with Little big: Moustache

The 2018 winner with the 2020 Russian representative made a song together called “moustache”. I find the video very unusual but the song is fantastic. The song has the same title of the French entry at Eurovision 2014 in Denmark singed by TWIN TWIN.

Плакса by Анна Тринчер and Jerry Heil

From Junior eurovision 2015 we have Анна Тринчер (she represented Ukraine in that edition). The song is a collaboration with the Ukrainian singer Jerry Heil. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any musical video, here’s the official audio. The title “Плакса” (Plaksa) comes from Ukranian and it menas “crybaby”.

Love goes on – Elena Tsagkrinou and Dimitris Tatarakis

After her 16th place in Rotterdam, Elena released a New single “love goes on” with Dimitris Tatarakis. There’s also the greek version of this song called “Τελικά Η Ζωή Συνεχίζεται”. Both songs are produced by Panik records, that also produced some Eurovsion song like Oniro Mou (Greece 2018)

“Белая лилия” from Julia Samoylova’s EP

Julia Samoylova, that represented Russia at Eurovision 2018 and failed to took part to Eurovision 2017 has released a new EP with her new song “Белая лилия” (White Lily). The other songs in the EP are the radio edit and the Ukrainian version of the song.

Roxen sing in Romanian: Inimă Nu Fi De Piatră

After Amnesia, Roxen published a new song in Romanian: Inimă Nu Fi De Piatră. I haven’t heard Roxen singing and I prefer when she sings in her native language.

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