Interview with Sona Azizova

Today I’ll interview Sona Azizova from Azerbaijan. She’s 12 and this december she will take to Junior Eurovision 2021. Question 1:When Have you started to sing? During my childhood I was singing, but since 7 years old I started to work with a vocal instructor. Question 2:Which are your favourite music genres? I like andContinue reading “Interview with Sona Azizova”

Turkvision Song Contest

It’s time to know better Turkvision, the Turkish version of Eurovision. What is it? Turkvision is a musical competition open to Countries and regions with a great Turkish minority or majority. It’s organized by International Organization of Turkic Culture. It’s open to the Turkish culture in the world. History So far only 4 editions ofContinue reading “Turkvision Song Contest”

Summer releases 2021: part 2

Welcome to the second part of the summer releases. Netta with Little big: Moustache The 2018 winner with the 2020 Russian representative made a song together called “moustache”. I find the video very unusual but the song is fantastic. The song has the same title of the French entry at Eurovision 2014 in Denmark singedContinue reading “Summer releases 2021: part 2”

Summer release 2021: part 1

Hi everyone! Today there’s the summer release: some songs realesed in summer from some artists that took part to Eurovision or national finals to Eurovision. “Like you used to” by Daneliya Tulešova Daneliya took part to Junior Eurovision in 2018: she represented Kazakhstan when her country debuted. She has just released her 12th single “LikeContinue reading “Summer release 2021: part 1”

Musical news: 21st of july

Måneskin success is getting bigger and bigger and Italians became crazy for Eurovision. After their victory at Eurovision, Måneskin are getting more and more famous: their songs “I wanna be your slave” and “Zitti e Buoni” now have more than 100’000’000 streams!! They are also very high in the internationals charts. In the meantime ItaliansContinue reading “Musical news: 21st of july”

Focus on Artist: Efendi from Azerbaijan

Name Samirə Azər qızı Əfəndiyeva also know as Samira Efendi Born 17th April 1991 Some singles “Cleopatra” (2020) Other Participantions at Eurovision She represented Azerbaijan in 2020 Samira Efendi has been very talented since she was young: when she was young she was in the philharmonic of Baku. In 2014 she took part at BöyükContinue reading “Focus on Artist: Efendi from Azerbaijan”

Thank you Raffaella!!

Today left us Raffaella Carrà, a woman that made the history of Italian TV. She passed away at the age of 78. Raffaella wrote a lot of songs that are part of the history of the Italian music like “Rumore“, “A far l’amore comincia tu“, “Ballo ballo“, “Tuca tuca“, “Tanti auguri” and others. Some ofContinue reading “Thank you Raffaella!!”

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