What a Crazy night!!!

Finally we did it!!

Go, go, Måneskin!!

Eurovision 2021: running orders are out!

Eurovision 2021: News Until 19th March

Eurovision 2021: News Until 14th March

Eurovision 2021: News Until 10th March

Eurovision 2021: News Until 8th March

Eurovision 2021: News until 5th March

Eurovision 2021: News Until 28th Februray

Hi everyone. This week was a week of internal selection: we have some new songs. And with Sanremo and Melodifestivalen arriving, it’s time to take a look to these new songs.

Eurovision 2021: news until 22nd February

On Saturday there were 3 national final and during the week 2 song were released. So it’s time to make a litte recap of the new songs of this week.

Eurovision 2021: News till 10th February

In this week some countries have decided their songs, so I decided to make a littl recap of the songs confirmed so far.

Eurovision 2017: Big 5 +Ukraine

Hi people! Today we go back to my favourite Eurovision ever: the Eurovison 2017

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