Other Festivals

In this page you can find various music festival like Free European Song Contest, New Wave and Turkvision Song Contest.

New Wave 2021: Armenia Wins!

Some days ago there was the last night of New wave 2021. Let’s take a look to what happened at the 19th edition of this festival.

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Turkvision Song Contest

It’s time to know better Turkvision, the Turkish version of Eurovision.

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Free European Song Contest 2021: results

Yesterday I wrote an article about the Free European Song Contest 2021, also known as FreeEsc 2021, that took place on saturday night. Here we have the results…

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Free European Song Contest 2021 is here!!!

On 15th of May there will be the second edition of Free European Song Contest, the Eurovision spin-off produced by the German Tv channel ProSieben.

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