Focus on Artist: Efendi from Azerbaijan

Name Samirə Azər qızı Əfəndiyeva also know as Samira Efendi Born 17th April 1991 Some singles “Cleopatra” (2020) Other Participantions at Eurovision She represented Azerbaijan in 2020 Samira Efendi has been very talented since she was young: when she was young she was in the philharmonic of Baku. In 2014 she took part at BöyükContinue reading “Focus on Artist: Efendi from Azerbaijan”

7 Fantastic Albanian Songs

Hi People!!! Today I wrote a special article for my Friend Serena because today is her birthday. Here we have some fantastic Albanian songs. A part of it is from Eurovision, Junior Eurovision And Festivali i Këngës. “Zemrën e lamë peng” – Olta Boka (Eurovision 2008) This song comes from Eurovision 2008. This song reachContinue reading “7 Fantastic Albanian Songs”

Special: 31st December

Dear Friends, Finally is the 31st of December: the last day of the year. We’re arrived at the end of this year. 2020 was a very strange year and we saw catastrophes and rare event but there were as well good things, for example the Eurovision Again – Semifinal special, the 2020 edition of JuniorContinue reading “Special: 31st December”

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