Eurovision 2022: Where’s the city?

This year the organizations is a bit in delay. Why? And what about the participating countries? And the host? Let’s summerize the situation Which is the city? So far RAI hasn’t announced where there will be Eurovision 2022. Rai has announced that the dalay is caused by tha fact that RAI is working hard toContinue reading “Eurovision 2022: Where’s the city?”

New Wave 2021: Armenia Wins!!

Some days ago there was the last night of New wave 2021. Let’s take a look to what happened at the 19th edition of this festival. New Wave 2021 took place from 19 to 25 August 2021 and it was won by the Armenian singer Saro Gevorgyan. He ranked first in the competion after 3Continue reading “New Wave 2021: Armenia Wins!!”

Thank you Raffaella!!

Today left us Raffaella Carrà, a woman that made the history of Italian TV. She passed away at the age of 78. Raffaella wrote a lot of songs that are part of the history of the Italian music like “Rumore“, “A far l’amore comincia tu“, “Ballo ballo“, “Tuca tuca“, “Tanti auguri” and others. Some ofContinue reading “Thank you Raffaella!!”

What a Crazy night!!!

Some days ago there was the grand final of Eurovision 2021. During the grand final lots of record has been broken so let’s take a look of them. United Kingdom: absolute zero For the first time since the new voting system (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 points from theContinue reading “What a Crazy night!!!”

Finally we did it!!

non succede, ma se succede… Cristiano Malgioglio & Gabriele Corsi After 31 years we did it!!! Måneskin has won Eurovision!!! I can’t believed it!!! It’s a enormous emotion!!! Italy win with 524 points!!!!

Focus on Artists: Måneskin from Italy

Hi everyone!!! Today I start some new articles where I write something about one the 39 artists selected for Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam (Armenia and Belarus have withdrawn during these months). I start from my Country: Italy Name Måneskin Members 4 (Damiano, Victoria, Thomas, Ethan) First EP “Chosen” (2017) Genre Rock First Album “Il balloContinue reading “Focus on Artists: Måneskin from Italy”

Eurovision 2021: News until 8th March

Hi everyone!! During this weekend we discovered lots of new songs, so let’s take a look to the new songs. I also want to wish a happy inernational women day to everyone. Denmark Ben & Tan haven’t taked part to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021. The winner of this year festival is the duo FyrContinue reading “Eurovision 2021: News until 8th March”

Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: night 5

The last night of Sanremo has arrived. In the Early Sunday we will discover the Italian representative (if the winner will accept) at the Eurovision 2021. I am so excited!!! Yesterday all started with the final on “nuove proposte”: the winner of the category is Gaudiano with the song “polvere da sparo”. Gaudiano was oneContinue reading “Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: night 5”

Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: Night 4

Hi everyone!!! After the cover we’re in the last and more interesting part of the Festival. So from tonight everything can change. We’re in the most interesting part of the Festival: Tonight it will be announced the winner of the “nuove proposte” and we will listen to all 26 songs in the same night. AfterContinue reading “Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: Night 4”

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