Szansa na Suckes: semi 1

The national finals for Paris have started!!! Let’s start with Szansa na Suckes, Poland. In the first semifinal there were 7 fantastic acts: 1)Zuzanna Gajor – Anyone I want to be 2)Gabriela Frątczak – If I were sorry 3)Marysia Stachera – Arcade (Winner) 4)Idalia Orman-Borucka – Superhero 5)Paulina ładosz – Fiarytale 6)Emilia Zuzanna Głodek –Continue reading “Szansa na Suckes: semi 1”

Eurovision 2021: running orders are out!

Hi everyone!!! Have you heard about the running orders of Eurovision 2021? Now they are out!!! 1st Semi-final Personally I think that this semi-final will be a disappointment because there’s lots of fantastic songs and some of them won’t pass to the grand final: If I could decide my finalists I would take to theContinue reading “Eurovision 2021: running orders are out!”

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