Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: night 5

The last night of Sanremo has arrived. In the Early Sunday we will discover the Italian representative (if the winner will accept) at the Eurovision 2021. I am so excited!!! Yesterday all started with the final on “nuove proposte”: the winner of the category is Gaudiano with the song “polvere da sparo”. Gaudiano was oneContinue reading “Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: night 5”

Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: Night 4

Hi everyone!!! After the cover we’re in the last and more interesting part of the Festival. So from tonight everything can change. We’re in the most interesting part of the Festival: Tonight it will be announced the winner of the “nuove proposte” and we will listen to all 26 songs in the same night. AfterContinue reading “Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: Night 4”

Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: Night 2

Welcome back people!!! Yesterday started Sanremo and we dicovered the first 13 songs!! So it’s time to continue my special with the second part!!! Tonight we will listen for the first time to this 13 singers: Bugo Fulminacci La Rappresentante di Lista Irama Ermal Meta Gaia Lo Stato Sociale Orietta Berti Willie Peyote Extraliscio feat.Continue reading “Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: Night 2”

Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: Night 1

Hi people and welcome in Italy!!! Tonight starts Sanremo 2021, so I decided to write an article waiting the Italian national selection for Eurovision, taking inspiration from a Tv program broadcasted by RAI before the festival called “PrimaFestival”. The first night of Sanremo Festival has finally arrived!!! Tonight we are going to discover the firstContinue reading “Waiting for Sanremo with Alex: Night 1”

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